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Most people are working from home; corporate offices remain empty, events are cancelled, and video calls abound.

It’s harder to sell. Your marketing and sales teams’ existing efforts are no longer effective. And don’t forget about your internal teams, too.

How do you motivate employees and engage with potential customers who are in isolation?

We’ll show you how real tech companies are doing it right now!

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Printfection makes it easy to send swag ANYWHERE even people’s home offices!

The eBook shows real customer examples.

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Use swag to drive revenue

Virtual giveaways, sales outreach, customer rewards.

Boost ROI from webinars and virtual events by incentivizing participation and CTAs.

Send beautiful swag to individual customers to help with retention and upsells.

We'll create your products and store them for you — no more swag closet!

t-shirts can be the best swag to sell and retain prospects and customers

About Printfection's swag platform:

  • Brand a huge selection of apparel and products
  • Email Giveaway links that let recipients choose their gift and enter their own shipping info
  • Create custom stores where your teams can select swag they want (which you can approve) 
  • Integrate to your tech stack like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.
  • Ship to 200+ countries around the world and never worry about a messy swag closet again

Our customers see serious ROI

"“Qualified leads increased 30% since we started giving away t-shirts to new signups. Best part, Printfection does all of the dirty work!”

Rafael Alenda

VP of Marketing, New Relic

Companies managing swag hassle-free


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